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Bob Rabinoff, Certified Instructor for the Transcendental Mediation technique, holds a BA in Physics magna cum laude from Columbia University, and an MS and PhD in Atmospheric Physics from the University of Arizona. He has been practicing the TM technique since 1971 and studied with Maharishi to become a teacher of TM in 1973. Upon completing his degree, he went on to teach Physics at Maharishi University of Management ( in Fairfield, IA for 9 years (1975-84) and served as Dean of Faculty from 1979-81. After leaving the University, Dr. Rabinoff embarked on a 30+ year in software design, and moved to Milwaukee to teach TM full-time upon retirement. He has taught TM in the US, Canada and Israel.

“I think part of Maharishi’s genius in bringing TM to the West was to recognize that spiritual growth will have a measurable physiological counterpart, and that by measuring the physiological, psychological and sociological changes brought about by TM, we could take the growth of higher states of consciousness out of the realm of the mystical and into the scientific arena. To accomplish this, he standardized the protocol of teaching TM, so that wherever you learn, you’re getting the real deal. That’s what so exciting to me about teaching TM – I know that whoever walks through the door, I can give them the key to developing their full potential as individuals so they can live happier, healthier lives.”

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