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Rhainey Watts-Cunningham and Alex Hartwell are certified Feng Shui consultants who have been studying and practicing Feng Shui since 1998. They drew from extensive training in several different schools of Feng Shui as well as professional practice in Psychotherapy and Real Estate. A strong focus on intention and their personal practices in yoga, meditation and energy work add dimension to what they do. Knowledge of Numerology, Astrology, Access Consciousness and other practical methods allow them to operate wit an evolving perspective.

Using a team approach, they look at how to balance the energy of a home or property so that it facilitates the achievement of their clients’ goals and intentions for Health, Wealth, Relationship, Career, Personal Growth and Well-being. They offer corrections or cures to alight the energy of a property with a home or business owner’s goals so that those goals unfold more easily. Through their Writings, Presentations and Counseling practice, they intend to help people understand Feng Shui and its impact on their daily lives.