May 20, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Lower Level Studio
6789 North Green Bay Avenue
$20 per person. Registration required.
Karli Hinton, RM, LMT
(773) 234-1239

Ecstatic Dance incorporates free fluid movement connecting your mind, body and soul. This sacred movement allows one to access their inner God or Goddess. As a community, we gather to express our love of freedom, dance and connectivity. Ecstatic dance empowers individuals of all shapes and sizes. This is a courageous atmosphere of nonspecific movement. This dance may be experienced as a form of movement meditation and one may feel and express a variety of emotions. This type of dance allows one to shake off their shyness, to see themselves in a new light, and become immersed in the present moment.

Please bring: Yoga mat, water bottle, comfortable clothes that allow for free movement. If you tend to be cold, please bring layers for warmth. You may bring musical instruments such as rattles, flutes and drums. Some bring blindfolds to keep their attention inward.