1-Day Course: Journey into Happiness and Wealth

Instructor: Christin Cleaver, Meditation Instr. 
Sunday, October 13
@: 7:30 am – 7:30 pm
Greensquare Lower Level Education Center
Early Bird: $25 before 10/3, $40 after 10/3
Registration is required.
Christin (970) 379-9232

Join us for a super charged, transformational event with life changing teachings, taking you into deep states of Consciousness and Awakening. This amazing course is taught via live stream directly from India by an awakened guide.

Info at: www.JourneyIntoAwakening.events

Registration: CLICK HERE

Special Message from Christin:

** Please arrive by 9:15 at our Meditation Event Center to settle in. We will have an action packed day of Teachings, Meditations, + Ancient Sacred Technologies for Awakening into Happiness and Success. We will have bathroom/coffee breaks throughout the day, as well as a 90 minute lunch break. Bring a lunch so you can rest/relax over lunch if you want to and any snacks you may need during the day. You will also need to bring a journal/paper for note taking and a yoga mat and or a blanket for your comfort. I look forward to taking this journey with you. There will be water and tea provided.