She has given me the power to keep going through a lot of pain…

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“I’m not being melodramatic in the least in saying that Katherine de Shazer is one of the people who saved my life after breast cancer treatment.   By restoring the quality of my life, she has given me the power to keep going through a lot of pain from post-op scar tissue and orthopedic complications.  Katherine came highly recommended by cancer center physical therapists. I have been seeing her regularly for over a year, and in that time she has demonstrated impressive expertise in anatomy and physiology, sound judgment in using all modalities of treatment (massage, cupping, kinesio taping),  and keen sensitivity to who I am and what my psyche needs to be happy in my body.  I can bring her a jumbled description of various sources and kinds of pain and she miraculously turns it into a combination of treatments that precisely relieves my problems.   She’s constantly attentive to my feedback during treatments and we rejoice together when my body responds even better than anticipated.  Among the times I feel blissfully “normal” again—free from pain and orthopedically correct—are after appointments with Katherine.  I trust her entirely and am grateful beyond words for how she has improved—and continues to improve–the quality of my life.”

C.K. September 13, 2016