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Alexander Technique Private Lessons
AT Principles and Developmental Movement Exploration
Parkinson’s Movement Classes Using AT Principles

Laurie Shawger, drawing inspiration from the innate human capacity for growth and resilience, helps people learn how to improve the way they function. The Alexander Technique provides a practical basis for addressing habits that strain the body with disadvantageous muscular effort. Among the potential benefits of learning this process are improvement in postural habits, balance, coordination, pain reduction and stress management.

Ms. Shawger trained to be an Alexander Technique teacher at Alexander Technique Milwaukee, a 3 year/1600 hour course certified by the American Society for the Alexander Technique.  She teaches individual lessons and group classes and has shared her enthusiasm for teaching the Alexander Technique in many different settings such as North Shore Congregational Church, Carroll University, The String Academy of Wisconsin, The National Classical Mandolin Conference, and the North Shore Parkinson’s Support Group at the JCC.

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