Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga is a whole-body wellness technique that combines the benefits of yoga, deep tissue compression, and acupressure, and can also be integrated with modern Trigger Point therapy.

The ancient healing modality of Thai Yoga is sometimes called assisted yoga or “Yoga for lazy people”, and has the client fully relaxed, allowing the practitioner to position their body in various stretches, apply pressure along the energy pathways, and move the muscles and fascia to release tension related to stress.  It improves flexibility and range of motion, and reduces the feeling of stress.  Energy pathways are opened up, resulting in a relaxed but energized feeling.

The Thai mat allows a therapist trained in Trigger Point therapy to position the client every which way, and move their arms, legs, and head through the full range of motion, allowing for more effective release of tension compared to compression alone. An additional benefit is that the client remains clothed, so there are no worries about modesty.